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Here at 30 Day Credit Repair, we believe that knowledge is power, and information is king! To really understand how to repair your credit, you must first understand what exactly a credit score is, and how it works. The meanings of each part of credit, as well as their historical roots, can often provide useful outlets to start repairing your credit.

Each section contains a brief overview of the most important points of that topic. This should give you a handle on the meaning of various credit terminologies. For those who want to learn as much as possible about credit, each page has a detailed explanation of the topic. This provides more in-depth information on credit, complete with tips and examples.

This section was designed to cover every aspect of credit that will be relevant to credit repair. We talk about the inception of the credit score, and its initial purpose, the factors which make up a modern FICO score. You’ll learn about credit history, FICO scores, FAKO scores, and much more. A list of these sections and their content can be found below.